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Harvard College

Dear Harvard College Students,

I write this note to you today following Dean Khurana’s community message. We are hearing student reactions and responses on all sides of this election.

We acknowledge the diversity of opinions that exist in our community, and know that many of you feel particularly vulnerable after an election cycle where the rhetoric has been so divisive. In the days to come, we encourage you to reach out to each other to help bring our community together. The staff in the Office of Student Life are here to listen, support, and provide resources and opportunities for you to connect with each other. There are many post-election events and conversations going on in your Houses or Yards that will occur this week, starting tonight.

Here are some of the events, programs, and resources available to you tonight, Wednesday, November 9: Open office hours tomorrow, Thursday, November 10:

I encourage you to connect with each other, with your Faculty and Resident Deans, House/Yard staff, or with those who you feel most comfortable including friends, families, the Chaplains, or a counselor in Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Best regards,
Dean Katie O’Dair


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